An original take on the Naruto universe, the story is set in an AU, allowing for your own OC's to play through the world of Naruto.
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 Dancing Blade Risk

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Dancing Blade Risk Left_bar_bleue350/350Dancing Blade Risk Empty_bar_bleue  (350/350)

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PostSubject: Dancing Blade Risk   Dancing Blade Risk EmptyMon Sep 11, 2017 12:16 pm

Name: Dancing Blade Risk
Element: -
Rank: A
Skill Requirements: Weaponry A-Rank
Backstory: -

Appearance: Dancing Blade Risk 1000px-Mifune_defeats_Hanzo
Handseals: -
Duration: 1-2 posts
Cooldown: 2 posts
Range: -
Damage: -
Speed: -
Health: -
Stat Boosts: +40 strength and dexterity for this technique only
What it does: The user performs a variant of the Iai Beheading technique, dashing forward at a target at their maximum speed and then performing the same actions as Iai Beheading, making a fast initial slash and then re-sheathing their blade. The boost applies to the dash, the slash, and the re-sheathing of the weapon. In order to perform this technique the blade must start out sheathed.

Must know Iai Beheading.

Character Specific: No
Wordcount to learn: 2,000
Chakra/Stamina Cost: 100 stamina
Canon or Custom: Canon
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Dancing Blade Risk
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