An original take on the Naruto universe, the story is set in an AU, allowing for your own OC's to play through the world of Naruto.
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 Puppetry: Skillfull Achievement With a Human Body

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PostSubject: Puppetry: Skillfull Achievement With a Human Body   Mon Sep 11, 2017 1:41 pm

Name: Puppetry: Skillful Achievement With a Human Body
Element: -
Rank: B
Skill Requirements: Puppetry A-Rank, Chakra threads A-Rank
Backstory: -

Handseals: -
Duration: Indefinite | Until Broken
Cooldown: 3 posts if broken
Range: 50 meters
Damage: -
Speed: 50
Health: 80
Stat Boosts: -
What it does: This allows a puppetry user to control unwilling targets. By connecting their chakra threads to a person, they can take control of that individual and move them however they wish. The puppet user can not force the controlled individual to use jutsu. The threads may be cut with opposing force equal to their health.

The individual being controlled is considered a puppet and so they move at a speed equal to the user's chakra threads rank speed. Targets can outright resist this manipulation with a strength stat higher than the health of this technique. The user must have 5 threads attached to the target in order to control them. If at any time the number of threads drops below 5, the health of this technique is halved.

Threads can be manipulated at 50 speed until attached to a target. Targets can be manipulated up to 50 meters away.

Character Specific: No
Wordcount to learn: 1,000
Chakra/Stamina Cost: 50 chakra per post
Canon or Custom: Canon
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Puppetry: Skillfull Achievement With a Human Body
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