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 Hyuuga Clan

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PostSubject: Hyuuga Clan   Fri Aug 25, 2017 1:51 am

Clan Name |Hyuuga
Home Village |Konoha & Kiri
Symbol |

History |
The Hyuuga are a very pominant clan in the leaf, being on par with the Uchiha visually, if not superior.  A deep rivalry between the Uchiha has always existed from deep in the clan war, but it has been put aside on the surface for the better of the village.  Hyuuga yearn to be in a seat of power, and to have greater political standing.  Hyuuga are very proper in everything they do, teaching their young the arts of calligraphy, how to brew tea, and other such things.

Skill Enhancements | +1 Tai, +1 Sensory

Clan Bloodline |Byakugan
Clan Element |N/A
Clan Techniques |Gentle Fist
Member Physiology |Black hair and white eyes
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Hyuuga Clan
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