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 Taura Clan

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PostSubject: Taura Clan   Fri Aug 25, 2017 2:04 am

Clan Name |Taura
Home Village |Sunagakure
Symbol |
History |

The Taura are the largest clan in the wind country, and the ones responsible for founding Sunagakure.  The Taura are a clan that excels at taijutsu and weaponry based combat, always seeking to push themselves and seek out new challenges to test their strength.  The Taura ironically enough only fight for competition for the most part, very rarely, if ever will a Taura kill their opponent, being more prone to show mercy than any other clan.  Taura value their friends and family above all else, even above themselves, being perfectly ok with self sacrifice, if it means saving a friend.  In history more Taura have died giving their life for a friend, than actually fighting one on one.

Skill Enhancements | +2 Taijutsu

Clan Bloodline |
Clan Element |
Clan Techniques |Eight Inner Gates Formation
Member Physiology |Blonde hair, physically strong
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Taura Clan
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