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 Fuuma Clan

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PostSubject: Fuuma Clan   Fri Aug 25, 2017 2:58 am

Clan Name |Fuuma
Home Village |Leaf
Symbol |


History |
The Fuuma clan are one of the prominante clans in the land of fire, having close ties with the Uchiha to the point a lot of clan secrets have been exchanged during the clan wars to make each other stronger, a common phrase exchanged between the two bwing "Through fire and steel." which represents their alliance.  The Fuuma are known for the Rose sword style, their proficency with throwing weapons, and blacksmithing work.  The Fuuma mirror the Uchiha in a lot of ways, one being that they hold honor in high regard. Higher tier Fuuma are especially known for their innate wisdom and ability to take simple weaponry to be especially deadly. Often Fuuma have far less chakra, as they are not exercising their tenketsu, and rely on physical and reflexive prowess.

Skill Enhancements |+2 Weaponry

Clan Bloodline |N/A
Clan Element |N/A
Clan Techniques |Rose Sword Style, Heartseeker Style
Member Physiology |N/A
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Fuuma Clan
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