An original take on the Naruto universe, the story is set in an AU, allowing for your own OC's to play through the world of Naruto.
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 Kaguya Clan

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PostSubject: Kaguya Clan   Fri Aug 25, 2017 3:51 am

Clan Name |Kaguya
Home Village |Kirigaure
Symbol |


History |

The Kaguya are a weaponry clan of the mist, known for their fierce fighting style and lack of mercy.  The Kaguya fight for the thrill of battle, and killing strong opponents.   "Kill your enemies so you don't have to worry about them, weakness doesn't deserve to exist."  Kaguya lack any real culture and are more brutish, enjoying the outside, and a fine alcohol, this clan due to their brutish nature have very small numbers.

Skill Enhancements |+2 Weaponry

Clan Bloodline |Bone Manipulation
Clan Element |N/A
Clan Techniques |N/A
Member Physiology |White Hair
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Kaguya Clan
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