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 Senju Clan

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PostSubject: Senju Clan   Fri Aug 25, 2017 4:11 am

Clan Name |Senju
Home Village |Konohagakure
Symbol |

History |
The Senju were one of the strongest clans during the Forsaken Era, their wood release aiding in battling large scale demons and protecting the surrounding area.  This ability however didn't translate to well once demons began to dwindle in numbers, and their opponents were shinobi, their abilities were slower which led to faster opponents to get the drop on them.  Senju are refined similar to the Hyuuga, also bearing a rivalry with the Uchiha due to going against them for a long time in the can war area.  This clan has a large amount of prominence for the part they played in the creation of the village, and the trees surrounding it.

Skill Enhancements |+1 Ninjutsu, +1 Medical

Clan Bloodline |N/A
Clan Element | Wood Element
Clan Techniques |N/A
Member Physiology |N/A
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Senju Clan
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