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 Uchiha Clan

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Clan Name |Uchiha
Home Village |Konoha, Suna, Kiri
Symbol |Red and white fan
History |
During the Forsaken Era the Uchiha were one of the largest clans, their proficency with ninjutsu helping them defeat the demons of the land, along with their unique bloodline.  The Uchiha adopted many smaller clans into their ranks during these times, this aiding in bolstering their fighting capabilities in many different fields. Following the Forsaken Era the Uchiha settled down primarily in the leaf, with small amounts settling in both the sand, and mist villages.  The Uchiha are known for their use of the Fire element, being recognized as the greatest fire using clan. The Uchiha, a clan known for their honor, and their power which they value above all else. The Uchiha are a very strict clan, to be considered part of the clan you must bear the fire element, those that do not are normally kicked out of the district. The Uchiha hierarchy consists of the clan head, and a council of elders, all of Jounin+.  The Konoha Uchiha stick strong to the will of fire. "A leafs purpose is to burn, to be kindling in the fire. That fire is what we call the Will of Fire, and the Uchiha clan stands proud as shinobi that let the will of fire Blossom." That supports their passion for their allies, their sacrafices will not be in vein and they will be used as kindling to make their fire stronger, and they will carry on their dreams and wishes.

The Uchiha have laws that help govern their clan and district:

• The Sharingan is a weapon, it is not to be used without reason.  Should Sharingan be activated in presence of another clan member it is considered a challenge, normally resulting in a fight on the spot to the death.

• Power governs your influence in the clan, your amount of Katon, the tomoe of your Sharingan, and your rank within the village all effect how the Uchiha see you.

• Out of respect, should two Uchiha be in combat and the Sharingan used, the one with the least amount of influence in the clan is required to avert their eyes. IE; Spar between clan heir of chuunin rank with 3rd tomoe, and regular chuunin with 2.

• Should politics fail within the Uchiha when it comes to selecting the next head of clan there is a ceremonial method in which they will decide such matters. An Agni Kai.  The Agni Kai is rare, but used when one challenges the head of the clans word, or leadership.  This also used to prove one more worthy than the appointed clan heir.  All Agni Kai are either approved or denied by the head of the Uchiha as this is a politically arranged event.  Refusing an Agni Kai in most cases is dishonorable and will cause you to be looked down on by the Uchiha for backing away from a challenge.  An Agni Kai takes place within the core of the Uchiha district within their administration building normally at sunset.  Two combatants enter bare chested with only the Sharingan and its abilities, Katon, and Sword skills being allowed exclusively, all other forms of combat are disrespectful and will have you killed on the spot by elders of the clan.  The Uchiha wins the Agni Kai when their opponent is reduced to ash, or can no longer fight.  If an Uchiha lives through an Agni Kai, and loses, they are in most cases exiled from the clan and brandished a traitor to the Uchiha for going against the clan.  Fighting position within an Agni Kai begins with the two challengers on opposing sides of the arena, knelt down with their fist upon the floor, starting the battle with the sound of a gong.

Skill Enhancements |+1 Ninjutsu, +1 Genjutsu

Clan Bloodline | Sharingan.
Clan Element |N/A.
Clan Techniques |Fire Release: Great Blaze Ball, Interceptor Sword Style.
Member Physiology |Black hair, gray eyes.
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Uchiha Clan
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