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 Uzumaki Clan

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PostSubject: Uzumaki Clan   Fri Aug 25, 2017 4:19 am

Clan Name |Uzumaki
Home Village |Konohagakure, Sunagakure
Symbol |

History |
Uzumaki were the most saught after clan to ally with during the Forsaken Era, the Uzumaki had a knack for sealing, being the first to ever seal away a demon, their skill with fuinjutsu is uncontested in the shinobi world.  During the clan wars era the Uzumaki aided many different clans, looking to help all who needed it, as they were the only ones who could take care of stronger demons.  During the village era, the Uzumaki are more settled in, being very talented at Fuinjutsu still they have created many passive effects for them, along with unique defences for their corresponding villages.  Uzumaki are a very artistic clan, excelling at calligraphy, drawing, and painting, works of art being purchased by civilians and shinobi alike for high prices.  The Uzumaki clan are a very wealthy clan from this and are very prominante due to how unique they are.

Skill Enhancements |+2 Fuinjutsu

Clan Bloodline |Chakra Chains, Longevity
Clan Element |N/A
Clan Techniques |Demon Sealing Method
Member Physiology |Red Hair.
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Uzumaki Clan
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