An original take on the Naruto universe, the story is set in an AU, allowing for your own OC's to play through the world of Naruto.
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Bloodline Name:Sharingan
Originating Clan:Uchiha
Appearance:Iris turns red, tomoe form around the pupil ranging from 1-3.

Awakened within the Uchiha clan during the Forsaken Era, demons with great speed plagued their lands which caused the deaths of mny clansmen.  In time, their bodies evolved use of the Sharingan to keep up with the demons and aid in combatting them.  The Sharingan in village era is a sign of power, the higher rank your Sharingan is, the higher you are in the heiarchy of the clan.  Those that are unable to awaken their Sharingan are not seen as full Uchiha.  Sharingan is unique due to the fact the Uchiha evolved special tenketsu allowing the eyes to get the speciic amount of chakra needed to produce the bloodline, this preventing transplants.

What it does:

The Sharingan comes in three stages, each one is obtained through a need for power, which forces the evolution, each one greater than the last. Sharingan evolution can only be obtained in adventurers.

1st Tomoe:

Chakra Vision, this allows the eyes to view chakra within ones body and weapons albeit on a dwarfed scale opposed to that of the Byakugan.
This is limited to only viewing the mass of chakra, not specifics such as the chakra network itself.

2nd Tomoe:

The second tomoe of the Sharingan is a more enhanced state of the eye granting one more advanced ocular abilities, these are;
Enhanced Vision, the eyes are now capable of tracking high speeds, adding +1 Sensory.
Due to this, the user gains what can be described as a form of foresight, their eyes able to predict the bodies next movements by observing the finest of details.
With the enhanced vision the users reaction time is increased thus this grants them 5 dexterity in this state only.
The user also retains the abilities of the first tomoe.

3rd Tomoe:

-Technique Copying:
By using the enhanced vision of the Sharingan eye one can read the hand seals used to preform select jutsu, as well as the chakra needed to preform each one.
Due to this, the user can "copy" the jutsu and be allowed use of it, the limitations to this is as followed;
You may preform any jutsu you see so long as you are capable of preforming it, this including skills, elements, stats, etc.  After the thread finishes, you may learn one of the jutsu you seen, and used in this topic, at half the words as if you were being taught by a player.  (This does not stack with learning discount.)

-Genjutsu Resistance:
With the eyes enhanced vision they are more resistance against visual Genjutsu, the users able to see through the Genjutsu as if it was simply a hologram shrouding the physical world allowing them to ascertain what is real, but not be immune to the effects.
On ocular Genjutsu only the user can flow chakra to their eyes which is the afflicted area, and shatter the Genjutsu in the same manner as Genjutsu release should they be capable.
Exceptions may apply, should a Genjutsu have bonus requirements to break.
Grants +1 Genjutsu when attempting to break free.

-Sharingan Genjutsu:
With the eyes advanced ocular powers they are now capable of casting a visual genjutsu with direct eye contact.
The Genjutsu must be trained, the eyes at this state simply allow one to use it.

-Enhanced Vision:
With the ocular prowess of the third tomoe the users vision is increased to even greater levels, this grants the wielder a boost of +1 more to their sensory. With the increase in reaction time, the wielder also gains 10 dexterity during this state only.
The user also retains all abilities of the prior tomoe.

Chakra/Stamina Cost:
1st:10 Chakra per post
2nd: 20 Chakra per post
3rd: 30 Chakra per post

Requirements: Uchiha Clan exclusive
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