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 Hoshigaki Clan

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PostSubject: Hoshigaki Clan   Tue Aug 22, 2017 3:11 am

Clan Name |Hoshigaki
Home Village |Kirigakure no Sato
Symbol |
History |
A clan of mystery being older than Kiri itself, rumor has it that the clan derived from sea demons that took on human form.  The Hoshigaki are feared across the land due to their shark like appearence; having pointed teeth, no iris, gills upon their cheeks, and their skill with a blade.  The Hoshigaki are recognized as one of the greatest sword using clans in the shinobi world.  Members of the Hoshigaki value purpose above all else, and punish failure severely, death being common for members that fail high ranking missions, following the same guidelines as Kirigakure itself.

Skill Enhancements |+1 Weaponry, +1 Ninjutsu

Clan Bloodline |Hoshigaki Body.
Clan Element | N/A
Clan Techniques |N/A
Member Physiology |Shark like features, sharp teeth, gills on neck/cheek.
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Hoshigaki Clan
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