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 Liquid Body

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PostSubject: Liquid Body   Liquid Body EmptySun Sep 03, 2017 7:31 pm

Bloodline Name:Liquid Body
Originating Clan:Hozuki
Appearance:User turns their body into water

What it does:
Allows the user to turn their body into water at their reaction time.

• While in a liquid state the user gains +1 Stealth.
• User can turn part of their body into water to help avoid attacks, if an attack still hits the liquid, it does half damage.
• If merged with other water sources you travel at full speed.
• While in liquid state you take x2 damage from Lightning element jutsu, this includes partial.

Chakra/Stamina Cost:
• 25 Chakra per post for partial upto half body
• 50 Chakra per post for full body.

Requirements:Hozuki Clan Exclusive
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Liquid Body
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