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 Ryu Clan

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Clan Name | Ryu Clan
Home Village | Sunagakure
Symbol | Three blades raised together, with the middle one being the highest.
History |
The Ryu “Clan” are actually the Ryu “Order”, a number of followers of Bushido, the Code of Chivalry, Code of Arms and others who lived life by the Sword.
In the beginning, they came together against the Demonic Scourge, the Pendragon, the Miyamoto family, the Kensei Clan, the Macleods and many, many other notable wielders of the Blade came together to fight against the Demon’s and pushed them back with there might combined against a threat they could never hope to conquer with just following their own way.

This was the day they forged an unbreakable bond in the heat of battle, and swore an Oath that they would never part for as long as one family still lived.
Now, the Ryu clan exists as an Order who accepts promising youth into their fold to become powerful Swordsman of one of their styles, or all of them..If one has the capability.
They are one of the more prominent clans to actually accept others as Blood Brother’s and to treat them as true Kin no matter there origin.

Despite the different cultures and ideals, they all form one banner in the name of Service to their country and for Honor and the Way of the Swordsman.

Skill Enhancements |+2 Weaponry

Clan Bloodline | N/A
Clan Element | N/A
Clan Techniques | Sword Bond
Member Physiology | Lightning and Fire are most Prominent elements in the clan.
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Ryu Clan
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