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 Sword Bond

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PostSubject: Sword Bond   Sword Bond EmptyMon Sep 04, 2017 1:39 am

Name: Sword Bond
Element: N/A
Rank: B-Rank
Skill Requirements: B-Rank Weaponry, C-Rank Fuinjutsu.

A sacred jutsu of the Ryu clan, and also a right of passage into the clan, to be considered a true member of the clan you will first have to bond with a blade you choose. A common phrase used when picking a blade is; "A sword mirrors its owner." Often one sticks with the same blade throughout their entire life, but should one grow through events in their life, some pick a blade more fitting.

Appearance: N/A
Handseals: N/A - User must hold their blade.
Duration: Indefinite
Cooldown: N/A
Range: Self
Damage: N/A
Speed: N/A
Health: N/A
Stat Boosts: Chosen blade gains +20 Endurance, and the user gains +20 Dexterity when wielding their blade.
What it does:

The user spends a full 24-hours with their sword, flowing chakra throughout it and back into themselves, a seal is made within the blade that bonds it to the user. Atop being more proficient with the blade, the user may "Summon" the blade to their hand from any location, should room be provided at their reaction time.

Character Specific: Ryu Clan, can only learn from Jounin+
Wordcount to learn: 1,000
Chakra/Stamina Cost: 50 chakra to summon the blade.
Canon or Custom: Custom
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Sword Bond
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