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 Chakra Chains

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PostSubject: Chakra Chains   Chakra Chains EmptyMon Sep 04, 2017 2:23 am

Bloodline Name:Chakra Chains
Originating Clan:Uzumaki
Appearance:Long golden chains that emerge from the Uzumaki's tenketsu with pointed spear like tips.

Used to combat demons of old, the Uzumaki's chains were fabled to hold down one of the nine great demons long enough for it to be pushed back, these chains are what allowed Uzumaki to seal away greater demons.

What it does:

For each rank of Fuinjutsu the user can produce 2 chains. (Max 12 at S-Rank) These chains are fired from the users body at their throwing speed, and move similar to a serpant with the spear like guiding the chain. The chains can stretch upto 200 meters, have the strength of the user, along with their health. The user is capable of placing Fuinjutsu seals upon whatever the chain's touching, be it person or object.

Chakra/Stamina Cost:50 Chakra per post, per chain.

Requirements:Uzumaki Clan
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Chakra Chains
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