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 Demon Sealing Method

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PostSubject: Demon Sealing Method   Demon Sealing Method EmptyMon Sep 04, 2017 2:52 am

Name: Demon Sealing Method
Element: N/A
Rank: S-Rank
Skill Requirements: S-Rank Fuinjutsu

Crafted by the Uzumaki with their skill of Fuinjutsu, this technique was the primary method of dealing with stronger demons, this allowed Uzumaki to seal them away into objects such as urns which could then be relocated. In the Forsaken Era there was rumor that some Uzumaki were made to seal demons inside people to wield their power against others, this became truth later on in the clan wars where demons were found sealed inside shinobi to bolster their abilities, only to burst free upon their death inside compounds.

Appearance: WIP
Handseals: Ten seals
Duration: 4 posts
Cooldown: N/A
Range: 200 meters.
Damage: N/A
Speed: N/A
Health: N/A
Stat Boosts: N/A
What it does:

Allows the user to breakdown demons into chakra and seal them into objects and people, those with demons inside them being called Jinchuriki. The demon must be reduced to half health or lower, and remain in place for 4 posts. A seal forms beneath the demon that begins to break them down into chakra. If an Uzumaki is using Chakra Chains to restrain the demon, it only requires 2 posts to seal it.

Following the sealing the Uzumaki can direct the chakra into either an object, or a human host, but not themselves. The seal is considered an S-Rank seal holding the demon.

Character Specific: Uzumaki Clan, known by clan head and those they teach.
Wordcount to learn: 3,000
Chakra/Stamina Cost: 200 Chakra to use
Canon or Custom: Psuedo Canon
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Demon Sealing Method
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