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 Fire Release: Great Blaze Ball

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Fire Release: Great Blaze Ball Left_bar_bleue350/350Fire Release: Great Blaze Ball Empty_bar_bleue  (350/350)
Fire Release: Great Blaze Ball Left_bar_bleue300/300Fire Release: Great Blaze Ball Empty_bar_bleue  (300/300)
Fire Release: Great Blaze Ball Left_bar_bleue350/350Fire Release: Great Blaze Ball Empty_bar_bleue  (350/350)

Fire Release: Great Blaze Ball Empty
PostSubject: Fire Release: Great Blaze Ball   Fire Release: Great Blaze Ball EmptyThu Sep 07, 2017 3:42 am

Name: Fire Release: Great Blaze Ball
Element: Fire and Wind
Rank: S
Skill Requirements: Ninjutsu-S Rank

The epitome of Katon created by the Uchiha, an attack of absolute destruction. This technique was used most prominently in the Forsaken Era to combat large demons, and swarms of smaller ones. The jutsu is sacred to the Uchiha, because to know this jutsu, is to master the fire element.

Appearance: An enormous fireball 10 meters in diameter, the fire is white in color due to the heat.
Handseals: Horse - Tiger
Duration: 1 post
Cooldown: 6 posts
Range: 200 meters
Damage: 300
Speed: 70
Health: -
Stat Boosts: -
What it does: User shoots a massive 10 meter diameter fireball at a target from their mouth. It is so hot that it literally vaporizes anything it comes into contact with that has less health/damage than the damage this technique causes and will continue going straight until it reaches 200 meters and fizzles out. If this comes into contact with a large object such as the ground, a mountain, a building etc. it will explode at a speed of 70. The diameter of the explosion is 100 meters.

If a jutsu comes into contact with any jutsu with damage/health equal to this technique's damage, it will push it back. If the jutsu has higher damage/health than this technique, the fireball will explode as listed above. If a water technique of equal damage or higher is used against this technique it will fizzle out without exploding.

Due to the users chakra within the sphere, they may elect to detonate it at any point within the aforementioned range.

Character Specific: Uchiha Clan Head, those they choose to teach.
Wordcount to learn: 3,000
Chakra/Stamina Cost: 200 Chakra
Canon or Custom: Canon
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Fire Release: Great Blaze Ball
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