An original take on the Naruto universe, the story is set in an AU, allowing for your own OC's to play through the world of Naruto.
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 Five Elements Seal

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PostSubject: Five Elements Seal   Five Elements Seal EmptySun Sep 10, 2017 8:56 pm

Name: Five Elements Seal
Element: -
Rank: A
Skill Requirements: Funijutsu A-Rank
Backstory: -

Appearance: Five Elements Seal Latest?cb=20150123155330
Handseals: -
Duration: Indefinite | Until removed
Cooldown: 4 posts
Range: Contact
Damage: -
Speed: -
Health: -
Stat Boosts: -
What it does: The Five Elements Seal produces a powerful seal that disturbs the flow of chakra within an individual. Once placed, it doubles the chakra cost of any technique the target uses. If the seal is placed on an individual with less health than the damage of this technique, they are rendered unconscious for the rest of the topic. The seal lasts indefinitely if not removed. The only way to remove this seal is by using the Five Elements Unseal technique or another fuinjutsu removing technique of A rank or above. Must know Five Elements Seal in order to remove this jutsu.

Character Specific: No
Wordcount to learn: 2,000
Chakra/Stamina Cost: 100 chakra
Canon or Custom: Canon
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Five Elements Seal
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