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 Sunagakure Ninja Shop

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PostSubject: Sunagakure Ninja Shop   Sunagakure Ninja Shop EmptySun Sep 10, 2017 11:10 pm

This is the local shop for the village of Konohagakure. Here is where you can buy supplies for your character such as weapons, bandages, and other such things a shinobi might need in order to complete their day to day activities. The links to product stocked by this shop is listed below with the price listed next to the item. In order to purchase something, simply post in this thread naming the item you wish to buy and deducting the Ryo from your character. Do not add any item to your inventory until the purchase has been approved by staff.

Tanto | 500 ryo
Wakizashi | 500 ryo
Katana | 1,000 ryo
Shuriken | 100 ryo
Kunai | 100 ryo
Rejuvenation Pill | 500 ryo
Bandages | 50 ryo per 5 meter roll
Antidote Pill | 500 ryo
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Sunagakure Ninja Shop
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