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 Jigoku Clan

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PostSubject: Jigoku Clan   Mon Sep 04, 2017 12:13 am

Clan Name |  Jigoku
Home Village | Sunagakure
Symbol | A fanged maw biting a fist.
History |

The Jigoku are a Clan of Taijutsu practitioners who ran to the front lines alongside the Taura clan against the Demonic Hordes that threatened humanity so long ago, originally it is said that there firsts absorbed chakra and that many of them to survive became corrupted and scarred by taking in too much Demonic Chakra into their bodies..

Today, the Jigoku are a clan filled with monstrously powerful men and women who follow a strict “Might makes Right” mentality and code, fighting for personal honor along with the safety of what they personally find valuable. Peace through Violence without Mercy.

Skill Enhancements | +2 Taijutsu

Clan Bloodline | Jigoku Henka
Clan Element | N/A
Clan Techniques | N/A
Member Physiology | Jigoku clan members will often be disfigured in some ways, dark patches of rough scaly skin, webbed feet, larger than normal arms, growths just underneath the skin, discolored eyes along with there orange hair makes them stick out prominently.
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Jigoku Clan
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